May your heart be brave, your mind fierce, and your spirit free.

Lori Beasley, a 7th generation Usui Reiki Master, uniquely combines intuitive guidance and energy balancing with cutting-edge quantum mechanics based tools to assist clients and create a balance of mind, body, and spirit. Physical, emotional, or psychological trauma can be held in our cellular memory. Lori is gifted with assisting her clients in releasing that trauma and removing it permanently. Through this guidance, clients are able to get clear, gain insight, set positive intentions and move forward with a new sense of empowerment. Her clients report that during and after a session with her, they can actually feel the trauma leave their body, and they immediately feel lighter, and happier. Finally, they are able to feel Free!

Lori offers private sessions for clients, as well as their pet(s), to include: intuitive/spiritual guidance, vibrational balancing, energy healing, chakra balancing, dowsing, and Reiki that allows them to return to a peaceful and heart-centered space, abundantly full of Love and Light.

Additionally, Lori is adept at and available to assist and guide both humans and pets in their crossing over journeys. She facilitates what can be a difficult and upsetting event and transforms it into a beautiful and sacred treasured moment.

A passionate advocate for human and animal rights and welfare, Lori has worked with shelters for abused women and children, as well as domestic animal rescues and sanctuaries for exotic animals with wolves, coyotes, panthers, foxes and small animals.