Dreamcatchers designed with Fibonacci number and sacred geometry coding.

Created with high vibe Reiki, energy blessings and lots of love!

Simply described, the Sacred Geometry arises out of the set of numbers from the Fibonacci series or the “golden ratio.”  Through the years since ancient times, it has been significantly used in the planning and construction of religious structures (churches, temples, mosques, tabernacles, altars and monuments), as well as sacred spaces (like holy wells and sacred groves), and the creation of religious art.

The Fibonacci Sequence: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55…

The Fibonacci numbers are represented practically everywhere. In the petals on a flower, or the arrangement of leaves along a stem, you will find this sequence of numbers. The petals on most flowers display one of the Fibonacci numbers. The numbers also appear in certain parts of sea shell formations like the nautilus. Parts of the human body also reveal these ratios, including the five fingers, and a thumb on each hand. Fibonacci also can be seen in a piano that produces harmony through a beautiful music. A piano has one keyboard with five black keys (sharps and flats) arranged in groups of two and three, and eight white keys (whole tones) for the 13 chromatic musical octaves.

Chambered Nautilus

Consciously or not, humans seem to be genetically programmed to respond to these sacred numbers, ratios, and shapes. Thanks to Italian mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci for introducing his famous Fibonacci sequence, its associated mystical ratio, the Phi, and paving the way for the shapes that greatly defined the world’s magnificent structures and amazing wonders.


“Last Christmas I ordered 15 custom dreamcatchers from Lori as gifts for clients and good friends. She asked me to answer a few questions about each person. A few weeks later the most amazing pieces of art arrived. Incredible artisan detailing, each with a unique design. One of my friends hung his immediately on his Christmas tree. Moments later his aging dog who barely moves and blind in one eye, immediately walked over and laid underneath it. No doubt these dreamcatchers are jacked with Lori’s love and kindness. Mine is hanging from the light on my bedside table. My neighbor hung hers by her front door. They are special, one of a kind keepsakes.” – Van

“I ordered a medium dreamcatcher for my girlfriend. Lori asked me what colors she liked and what kind of vibe I wanted for the dreamcatcher, so I told her she likes green and is “earthy”. When I gave it to my girlfriend, she started crying. It has green iridescent rooster feathers and a good vibe to it. We hung it by the bed and slept great for the first time in a while!” – Carson

“I ordered a custom dreamcatcher for my son’s graduation. He is gay and I want to show him I love him unconditionally and support him in his life. This PRIDE dreamcatcher is perfect and I know he’s going to love it!” – Regina

“I ordered a medium dreamcatcher for my daughter’s graduation. She loves bling and after talking with Lori, we decided to make it white with silver bling and an ethereal vibe. Lori added silver angel wings with unconditional love and dad blessings in honor of my daughter’s father who passed in the same month it was created.” – Regina

“I ordered a small dreamcatcher for my daughter’s fourth birthday. Pink and purple are her favorite colors. She LOVES the dreamcatcher. The colors could not be more perfect.” – Shauna