What clients say

“Through mindful conversation and thoughtful, intentional energy work, Lori creates a healing environment that allows you to turn old wounds into wisdom. As all negative energy is looking for resolution, each session offers the opportunity for you to bless what you’ve suppressed and send it on its way.”   – Walter H​

“I have been gifted with an open mind and open heart and when I met Lori I knew she had the same gift. You see, when you are looking for a kind soul, they arrive to you. I have received many sessions from Lori and she is not only the real deal, but she cares about you. She follows up and guides you until you feel you’re ready to be free again. I will recommend Lori with all my heart.” – Aimee B

“I had a horrible car accident two years ago and all this anger, all this, why me? It kept haunting me every night. My wife told me about Lori and I am very open to all this healing work because my wife does it too. Lori guided me to a beautiful session where all these emotions trapped inside came out. Thanks Lori for what you do and I hope you keep helping people everywhere you go.”   – John C

“I had an amazing experience with Lori during one of the worst times in my life. The love of my life had an allergic reaction and was on life support for 13 days. Lori is a family member and contacted me to offer her assistance in helping him make the transition. She had no idea I was Native American and I had my eagle feather with me the entire time. She said she saw Jesse with a huge Eagle standing behind him, so big the wings wrapped him and saw them soaring together. I keep that image with me at all times. She was such a source of comfort to me.”   – Donna R

“Lori has done healing work on me relative to childhood sexual abuse I suffered from. The way that she describes it is that she creates the sacred space, a safe and healing environment, and that I did the work of releasing. I may have done the releasing, but I would not have known what to do or how to do it without Lori’s guidance and facilitation. Lori is a gifted healer with highly intuitive capabilities to assist her clients on the path to wholeness, peace, and love. She spent about 3 hours working with me, helping me to release the trauma and pain I had endured throughout my life. I immediately felt lighter and free!

Lori also facilitated my beloved 16 year old Shih-Tzu’s passing this year. My sweet little Rosie was ready to go, and as difficult as it was for me to say goodbye, to have Lori’s help in the process was priceless. Lori and I talked after Rosie left and to hear her describe the event from her experience was amazing. She could tell me what Rosie experienced, and the whole thing just made me love my sweet little girl even more. In her final moments she remained selfless and dedicated to me. And to know that my spiritual family was there waiting for her, and helping her with that journey eased my grief and worry. Lori is the best!”   – Kimberly A

“I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank Lori Beasley for all of the help she gave my mother and our family during a tremendously difficult time. Lori is a friend who has stood by our family for decades. During the course of our friendship, she has remained vigilant in her pursuit of healing for our family. When Lori learned of mom’s illness, she was so concerned that she asked me to update her on “Aunt Margie’s” status. Unfortunately, following a month-long hospitalization with Covid-19, my mom regressed. As I became aware of the seriousness of her prognosis, Lori stepped up and asked me what she could do to help. As things got bleak, Lori intuitively knew what she could do for her friend. Lori sent extraordinarily powerful light and energy to my mom as she struggled to breathe. As my mother took her final breath, I could feel Lori’s presence in the hospital room. Lori was stroking my mom’s hair and saying, ‘It’s okay to go, Aunt Margie. We love you so much!'” – Wade G

“After my first appointment with Lori, I felt my spirit was free to soar in my personal matters of the heart.♥️ I highly recommend booking your own unique session with Lori.” – Rhonda C